mare i ja 3

Something Beautiful

I am soooo looking forward to have my album out!!

There is some small details to be done, and it needs a bit of final touch but
”Something Beautiful” is going to be there in the spring.
Some of the songs I wrote when I was much younger and I had so much to learn. I still do, but as the years went by my songs became different. They are all part of the process, that’s why I am proud to show you all of them. You can really hear the difference and be the witness of an artist growing up and finding their own voice.
From noticing what’s going on outside, I came to dig in for treasures inside. And I found so much joy, and absolute love there. That’s why I named the album ”Something Beautiful”. Because I found out there is nothing but love and fear and this world. And I will choose love any day 😉
The person who gets the credit for producing, mix and mastering in most of the songs in Marko Stojanovic Louis. My dear friend who is also a singer, multi instrumentalist, and very talented song writer.
Vladan Popovic Pop, also an amazing musician and very well renowned music producer did amazing job with ”Something Beautiful” and ”Morning”.
He has one of the ”best ears” in town and except he is incredibly humorous, I appreciate his fast brain, so full of great ideas.
Aleksandar Sale Sedlar did arrangement, mix and mastering for one song in Serbian language- ”Kad bi meni dali jedan dan”.
He also played guitar and wrote the arrangement for strings.
I am so thankful for having the opportunity to work with a true genius like Sale is.
He is one of the rare people whose opinion in music I would never question.
It’s coming soon,
I will keep you posted :)