avala band 2

Live session @ Avala

avala ivka 2you can watch two videos that we made in lovely mountain surrounding in the studio of Banovic family. I want to give a special Thanks to all lovely people who made this session happen.
First of all- big big THANKS to family Banovic, who keeps helping and supporting all the wonderful artists in Belgrade in the most possible loving way. In their home at the Avala mountain, close to Belgrade, you really feel warm and welcome and ready to be creative!
Big thanks to Nikola Radivojevic, who did the sound engineering and music mix. It’s not enough to say that he did an excellent job. It’s always a pleasure to work with him, and look at the smiling face of this man, who seems to be reaching the most incredible results with zero stress!
Also, huuuuge THANKS to my dear friend Dule Jelen who did the video and editing. He is seriously one of the most creative people I have ever met, and I am looking forward to do some crazy videos together, again!
The biggest THANK YOU to my brothers and sisters for playing my songs and giving me so much love and support throughout the years.
In no specific order :)avala duvaci 1
Pedja Milutinovic- drums
Pera Krstajic- bass
Nikola Jezdić Pindo- guitar
Andrej Martinovic- keys
Ivan Radivojevic- trumpet
Max Kochetov-sax
Ksenija Kochetova- backing vocals
Jelena Jovovic- backing vocals
Enjoy watching
So much love